Diseases Treated.

Cervical spondylosis , Frozen shoulder , back pain , Knee pain , Arthritis , migraine , obesity , depression , Rhinitis Paralysis , Numbness , Parkinson's , Insomnia , Sciatica , Cerabral palsy , Bell's palsy , Infertility , Aphasia , Trigeminal Neuralgia , Neurological & Menstrual Disorders , and Many more

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Acupuncture is the science and art of healing which cures the ailment not only by treating symptoms but correcting the root cause also , check in the list if we can help you, if your disease is not listed here feel free to contact us to know more.

The Acupressure/Acupuncture therapy helps in maintaining health by balancing energy channels of the body. The therapy also regulates negative/positive energy known as Yin/Yang forces. Acupressure is known to not only balance various energy forces in the body but also has positive effects on mind, spirit and emotions.

It is effective in treatment of metabolic disorders, inflammation, nervous system related problems and heart disorders. Most of these diseases arise due to insufficient physical activity, inappropriate food habits, genetic makeup, and disturbance in normal healthy body routine.


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Acupuncture treatment is done strictly under complete aseptic conditions. International brand stainless steel, silver or gold needles are used which are never reused even on same patient. Treatment protocol at Ethos includes following:

Holistic Diagnosis and Assessment – This includes collection of relevant information about sickness & its associated factors, clinical examination of patient and investigations. This is followed by diagnosis of the sickness, both clinical diagnosis and diagnosis of disorder on the basis of acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Treatment Plan – A suitable treatment plan is designed on the basis of diagnosis. This is explained to patient along with its benefits and precautions.

Treatment sessions – Treatment sessions are then undertaken.
Follow up – A regular assessment of patient’s health and effect of acupuncture continues. On the basis of response, decision is taken about number and frequency of further sessions.

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